Adam Albright

I am a software engineer with 4 years of experience in a multitude of different systems, ranging from Python-based process automation tools, to application development on the SalesForce platform. My current focus includes constructing both APIs and CLI tools to improve developer efficiency. I have a passion for learning about innovative and emerging technologies, and teaching others how to build things with it.


ODP Corporation - Software Engineer, Technology Manager CRM - Boca Raton FL, January 2018 – Present

  • Designed and built an ETL framework using Ansible and AWX. Included building CLI tools in Python usable from Ansible to interact with different platforms at the company. Led multiple working sessions to introduce team members to the process. The new framework provided team members with visibility of data as it moved through different stages of our pipeline. The new process eliminated OnCall incidents by more than 80% related to our data integrity.
  • Started an initiative to adopt Python 3 for Application Development. Planned and led workshops over topics in the Python ecosystem and how they relate to our current projects. Workshops included explanations of a topic followed by live coding sessions and example demonstrations.
  • Architected and developed a product search service API using FastAPI and postgres.
  • UI Development for the transition off a legacy HTML templating engine to lightning web components. Designed several components that could be configured by administrators without requiring developer support, thereby facilitating greater departmental autonomy.
  • Designed and implemented a webhook framework for syncing our support cases and various other payloads from our CRM platform to other applications in the company.
  • Instituted, planned, and led training sessions for different tools, technologies, and software design paradigms for my team. Sessions topics included an introduction to DRY concepts, postmortems, best practices for handling user input, and adopting functional programming paradigms.
  • Participated in multiple skunkworks projects ranging from machine learning and computer vision applications to automated data analysis. My team won the inaugural Office Depot internal Hackathon.
  • Developed UI and Backend Processes for a lead capture to our CRM platform using the Aura web framework. The UI was built to be configurable so it could be used in multiple locations without additional development.


University of Central Florida 2011 - 2018

BS Computer Science